Monday, December 5, 2016

Not Quite Dead

Good News Everyone!

The rumors of this project's death have been greatly exaggerated (even after taking into consideration the fact, that no one was really talking about it). This arkanoid-ish first game of mine lives and it even got some new features implemented.

Real life forced me to go on a pretty long hiatus from blogging, programming and other past-times. Now, that real life is promising me some free time, I am planning on continuing this crazy adventure. I have re-started working on the game few days ago thanks to stumbling upon multiple breakout clones on Pico-8 BBS (I think there was some kind of Pico workshop, as many of them look alike).  The kicker was the powerup code inside those carts...which I have blatantly stolen :P

After orienting myself in my mess of a code for a bit, I transplanted the powerup code to my game. After few tests and tweaks, I caught the programming bug (no pun intended) once again. New features just kept flowing and I ended up adding some minor things and making tweaking the gameplay over the next few days. I was presently surprised how much I remembered of what I have learned about coding those five months ago.

While I have a couple busy days this week, soon after that I am going to resume working on this game (for which I still need a good title) and blogging about the process. I will start with going through the features I just added and I will take it from there. If everything will go my way (and I won't come up with even more big features I want to add), I should be releasing this guy by the end of the year. So, stay tuned!