Sunday, June 19, 2016

First month of gamedev

Past week was pretty busy on real life front, so there isn't much programming progress. I did manage to implement a two hit bricks (yellow), tweak the paddle movement to be a little smoother and add background graphics. Apart from those, most of the week was spent on testing, tweaking and making the game play, look and feel "just right." So far I am really happy with my progress, just to think that a little over a month ago I had no idea how to even start making a video game. Now I have that something that resembles an actual game! I am really stunned, that I managed to pull this off! More than that, I had gotten some good feedback (and even some interest about the game) from people online, which is a really humbling, but also really exciting. I never thought that anybody would be even remotely interested in a first game from a total programming noob. You are all making me want to push forward. Thank you.

Looking back on the past month, I think that the biggest surprise for me is how the process of making the game will actually dictate and shape the game. Only now I really understand why everybody urges new devs to go and actually make a games, instead of planning their Magnum Opus. You can plan all you want, but the game will only take shape as you are making it. I have spent a lot of time planning things on paper, only to find out that they sucks after I added it to the game. Such was the case with different variations of the two-hit brick, the general graphics of the bricks, and animations in the background among others. They all look great on paper, and even look great when drawn outside of game, but when put together they just don't gel well with anything else. Making games is as much as an art, as it is science...

Well, the first month is behind me. I have learnt a lot from making this game so far, and I have much, much more still to learn. Yet, the biggest lesson here is that virtually anyone can learn to make video games. If I can do it, so can you.

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