Thursday, May 19, 2016

://BEGIN: Pixelart

Outside of the header of this blog (which I made few days ago) I never tried my hand at pixel art. I was always fascinated by it, but in the midst of learning Photoshop, Illustrator and other things used in graphic design, I never found time to give it a try. So today, I gave a 8x8 sprite a try...

I just went to pixeljoint looking for inspiration, as their search engine has options for looking up art by pixel dimensions. After I found an 8x8 sprite I liked, I have redrawn it in the Pico-8 palette using the free version of Aseprite (I will eventually buy the proper full version as soon as I have $15 to spare). Next I tried some walking animation and found it really tricky on such small resolution. In the end I cheated a bit and looked up the frame-by-frame animation of the sprite I was basing this guy on. I just cut the amount of frames in half (again, thinking of limited sprite space on Pico-8) and came up with this guy...

He is far from perfect, but it was a good exercise. If I have learnt anything from it, is that making 8x8 sprites is hard. If I ever need a protagonist for a game, he will be at least 16x16.

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